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Computer Services
We provide Depot level repair of Desktop and Laptop computers at our facilities.
We provide on site services at your location. Including, Diagnostics, Some repairs, Setup wired and Wireless Networking and secure your network from hackers, We can set up internet connections to your ISP provider, We can troubleshoot network connectivity problems, We can backup your systems and Data, We can setup Email Client software. We can setup your new computer. etc, etc, etc.
We provide expert repair services on most major brands and clones, both Desktops and Laptops, we repair or replace Motherboards, Power Supplies, Ram, Hard Drives, CD/DVD Drives, Lan cards, Modems, Video cards and Laptop Screens and DC Jack power connectors.
We can setup wired and wireless networks and secure them from hackers, provide custom antivirus protection, remove virus infections, back up and restore data, recover lost data, we can tune up your computer and make it run like new again,
We can wipe and reload your computer to remove previous data and programs or revert your computer to the day it was aquired from the factory.
We sell New and Refurbished Desktop towers
LCD/ LED Monitors
Tablet PC's.
Computer Service, Repair, Sales, and Parts
Certified PC, LLC
We also have the largest selection of new and previously owned computer parts in Middleburg at reasonable prices.
We stock Hard Drives, and Hard Drive Enclosures, CDROM and DVDROM and Burner drives, Ram Chips, Video Cards, Motherboards, Power Supplies, Lan cards, Modems, Video cards, Wired and Wireless Keyboards, Mice, Computer Speakers and Laptop Screens and DC Jacks/ power connectors, Laptop Coolers, Lan cables, Power cables, Data Cables, Computer Cleaning kits, etc, etc, etc, and if we don't have it on hand we can special order it for you with 3 to 5 day average turnaround.